Date: 3/29/17 8:57 am
From: Anthony Hewetson <fattonybirds...>
Subject: [texbirds] Let's try those Lynn County highlights again
Greetings All:
I have been working hard to get my recent big trip into eBird and just
realized that I had not posted my highlights from my one weekend excursion
- to Lynn County.

I spent the entire morning at Tahoka Lake Pasture and, with the permission
of the landowner walked the entire way around Takoka Lake (7.22 miles of
sometimes sloppy terrain in 4.5 hours - and my thighs are still feeling the
worst of the wading through mud) and then wandered from town to town and
from playa to playa for the rest of the day.

Highlights included 5 Blue-winged Teals at the FM 1054 x CR 28 Playa, 9
Blue-winged Teals at the FM 2956 Playa, 12 Cinnamon Teals at the FM 1054 x
CR 28 Playa, 4 Cinnamon Teals at the FM 2956 Playa, 6 Cinnamon Teals in
Grassland, 4 Cinnamon Teals at Tahoka Lake, 2 Canvasbacks at Tahoka Lake, 2
Redheads at the FM 1054 x CR 28 Playa, 2 Redheads at the FM 3332 x CR Y
Playa, 1 Redhead at Tahoka Lake, 4 Scaled Quails near Gordon, 2 Scaled
Quails at Tahoka Lake Pasture, 3 Eared Grebes at the FM 1054 x CR 28 Playa,
2 Virginia Rails at Tahoka Lake, 1 Sora at Tahoka Lake, 2 American Avocets
at the FM 2956 Playa, 36 American Avocets at Tahoka Lake, 26+ Snowy Plovers
at Tahoka Lake, 40 Least Sandpipers at Tahoka Lake, 11 Western Sandpipers
at Tahoka Lake, 1 Semipalmated Sandpiper at Tahoka Lake, 4 Wilson's Snipes
at Tahoka Lake, 2 Greater Yellowlegs at the FM 1054 x CR 28 Playa, 88+
Greater Yellowlegs at Tahoka Lake, 13 Lesser Yellowlegs at Tahoka Lake, 2
White-faced Ibises in Grassland, 1 Turkey Vulture a the FM 2956 Playa, 1
Turkey Vulture over Tahoka, 2 Say's Phoebes at Tahoka Lake Pasture, 1 Barn
Swallow in Tahoka, 2 Barn Swallows near Wilson, and 1 Spotted Towhee at the
FM 2956 Playa.

There were at least twenty species of butterfly, some in good numbers,
cruising about Lynn County which is exceptional diversity for this early in
the year.

I also had the continuing 1 Snowy Egret at Leroy Elmore Park and the
continuing 1 Great Egret at Stone Lake in Lubbock, Lubbock County.

Anthony 'Fat Tony' Hewetson; Lubbock

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