Date: 3/29/17 8:30 am
From: Steve Engel <Steve.Engel...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve update
Surprise, surprise, we are still flooded. Some of the trails around Kingfisher Marsh and along the river have become accessible this week. The taller your boots to get you through the low spots, the more accessible they are. The uplands and pollinator garden trails are all open. The north gate is locked. Steadily falling water levels over the last week have stabilized at ~135.2 feet above sea level, or 23.2' river stage. If you are interested in learning how to gauge the water levels and trail access before heading this direction, email me with "water level" in the subject line and I will send you a document that is helpful in that way.

FOY osprey showed up this week. A female (based on heavily streaked breast) was perched atop the nest platform most of the day yesterday, alternately scanning the sky and then looking at her watch with apparent consternation. A male was soaring over pintail pond in the afternoon. Bald eagles are around, we still don't know where they are nesting or if they are. A pair of adults and what looked like two sub-adult females were soaring and chasing one another up and down the east side of the preserve yesterday.

FOY orange-crowned warbler showed up last week. One was busy in all the flowering currants that grace our pollinator garden right now. Rufous hummingbird activity in that area is intense these days. Mason bees are slowly exiting their cocoon boxes in the nesting structures Ron Spendal has erected in the pollinator garden.
Great blue herons are active at the herony on the east side with nests being attended and at least one incubating bird seen. Red-tailed hawks are also nesting in the area.
A couple of accipiters were seen this week, one sharp-shinned, one Cooper's, both immature.
Killdeer, tree swallows, barn swallows, violet-green swallows all active. We will get our 35 tree swallow nesting boxes up as soon as water levels permit.

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