Date: 3/28/17 8:15 pm
From: Anne Annibali <anneanni...>
Subject: Re: Snow geese. Northampton County (and Lehigh...)
I'm not good estimating bird counts, but there was still a fair-sized flock of at least a few hundred snow geese at Middle Creek last Saturday in the fields on the tour road. And I was also surprised to see a lot of blue phase individuals among them.

Anne Annibali
Lebanon County

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Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Snow geese. Northampton County (and Lehigh...)

I've seen a few Snow goose stragglers in the area this week, but as Arlene indicated, the local quarries and the region in general seem to be devoid of Snow Geese now.

However...this afternoon I did a double take driving through western Lehigh County. There were 11 Snow geese loafing on a grassy hillside; the weird bit was that all of them were Blue phase birds. They were of various ages, but mostly adults. I've never seen a set of Snow geese greater than maybe two birds where every goose was a Blue phase. This may signify nothing, but I thought it was of interest.

Bill Etter
Moore Twp
Northampton Co

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