Date: 3/28/17 12:55 pm
From: Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...>
Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] old, minor stuff
3-27-17, Lakeside Cemetery -Also at the hawkwatch -1 Great EgretĀ 
2 Great Blue migrating together w/the Egret.The larger of the 2 flocks (at edge of field) of feeding Songster had an entertaining 42 individuals along w/4 Field & several Tree Sparrow.Starling imitating Woodcock "bzeep".

3-26-17, Lakeside -Also 5+ Tree Swallow
3-26-17, Woodlawn Beach SP -Songster - 2 flocks totaled ~25.
3-21-17 - even less open water than on 5th (at least at some stops) -
Gyp Pond -4 Snow GeeseRingneck -1 Blue Goose
3-17-17 - "Alabama Swamps" - as on 5th & 17th still limited open water w/good concentrations of ducks...
Owen-Bartel Rd. (TWMA) -1 Barred Owl~85 Swan (many other spots too)
Meadville Rd. -2 Sandhill1 Screech OwlLater well past dark still lively chatter from mainly Swan, Wigeon, some Canada, occasional Mallard...
Casey Rd. -1 SandhillW/the snow cover very many roadside flocks of Junco, Tree Sparrow, Robin... Could've spent most or all day w/just them.
Posson Rd. -8 Meadowlark
3-12-17 -
N. tip Squaw Island -~ 30 BonyRichardson Complex, Forest Ave., Buffalo -1 Peregrine - 1 of ~17 sites in WNY that Peregrines nest or are suspected to.
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