Date: 3/28/17 12:00 pm
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Subject: Re: Oriole Feeders

Here's a web site that sells Oriole feeders at reasonable prices. I have the one that is the 3rd one over on the top line of the pictured feeders. Works as advertised and holds enough sugar water such that I don't have to refill too frequently. I also have a Jelly feeder which is home-made, but the one for sale on this web site looks like it would work fine, too.

If your son has other feeders now, with birds coming to his yard, shouldn't matter where he places the new feeder as the birds will find it and use it. If this will be the first feeder in his yard it should be placed/hung within 6-8 feet from brush or trees where the birds can quickly find cover from predators. From my experience, squirrels and raccoons don't seem to bother with sugar water.

Bruce Smithson
Wilmington, NC

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Subject: Oriole Feeders

I have no experience with oriole feeders. I want to send one to my son in NY where the orioles return in early May. Can anyone suggest the best type? Jelly feeder, fruit feeder, combination, etc.? What about placement? On a baffled pole, hanging from a tree branch in a leafy environment? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sue Edwards
Pittsboro, NC

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