Date: 3/28/17 8:29 am
From: David White <dizoo...>
Subject: Re: [Va-bird] Chandler Robbins
Thanks to all of you who were (much) more familiar than I with Chandler Robbins and his many contributions to birding. That Golden Guide has long been a favorite of mine and I just went to my archives (a shelf in the space in my home which is sometimes called an "office") and pulled down my 1966 version, still in quite good condition. I always appreciated that this guide had the range maps as well as the sonograms right there next to the illustrations.

Because of the recent news about the Alexandria Prairie Falcon, I took a glance at the falcons in this old book and noticed that the Peregrine had been "upgraded" from "Duck" but that the Merlin and the Kestrel were still "Pigeon" and "Sparrow."

Maybe now we'll have to have a "Cityscape Prairie" to add to the falcons. And quickly, before they turn into parrots!

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