Date: 3/28/17 8:00 am
From: Bob Schutsky <info...>
Subject: White Red-tailed Hawk, near Harrisburg
Dear PABirders,

Jack Hubley asked me to post the following message:

Hi Bob,

Donít know if any birders are aware of this yet, so I thought Iíd let
you know. I was driving home from a school program in Harrisburg last
week when I spotted a white Red-tailed Hawk as I was heading northbound
on I-83. The hawk was in a tree on the left side along the I-83 ramp
that merges with I-283, just past Bass Pro.

I saw it at about 12:30pm on Thursday, 23 March. I was back at the
school on Friday and, lo and behold, the hawk was in the same tree at
about the same time on Friday.

A couple of my falconry buddies got a good look at it on Sunday
afternoon in the same area. Itís an adult, leucistic Red-tailed Hawk Ė
dark eyes, some brown mottling, and at least one red deck feather Ė but
itís mostly white. A real eye-catcher! Looked like a female to me,
although all that white can make them look a bit larger.

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