Date: 3/27/17 1:58 pm
From: Thomas Pirro <tpirro2010...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] North Worcester/Franklin County
On the Red Crossbills:
James Smith was the first, that I know of, to report Red Crossbills from
Montaque on 2/28 via a blog post
, while he did not mention the exact location I had assumed it was from
"the plains". I guess Michael Akresh may have thought the same, or perhaps
found them independently from James' Post a bit later .

Some Hilights from North Worcester and Franklin County from 3/26, were the
"2nd winter of the year" is still hanging on:

3/25 Monty Tech Regional High School (Westminster/Fitchburg)

Mute Swan 2 (one with a large "tumor/lump" on one side of its neck) a photo

Pileated Woodpecker 2

Royalston (various stops on a semi-random "back road tour):
Wood Duck: many along the Miller's River, off River Road on the back side
Birch Hill Dam.
Pileated Woodpecker 5 or 6, singles at different stops, most were heard
Red-shouldered Hawk 2

ZIP on winter finches, not even a Purple!

Orange Airport:
Killdeer 8
American Kestel 1
Eastern Meadowlark 1
Horned Lark 30 +/-
Fox Sparrow 2
Field Sparrow 1
American Tree Sparrow 6

Branch Bridge Road (New Salem):
Canada Goose 3
Wood Duck 2
American Black Duck 4
Mallard 8
Ring-necked Duck 225 +/-
Hooded Merganser 4

at home in Westminster Fox Sparrows have been present and singing since the
day before the big storm...a real treat.

Tom Pirro
Westminster, Ma.

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