Date: 3/27/17 9:35 am
From: Beth Roth <bethheron...>
Subject: [GABO-L] FIRST OSPREY EGG... Nest Cam News..The Landings, Skidaway Island
> I know many of you are disappointed that our Great-horned Owl parents didn’t return to their nest for our viewing.
> The dying tree was continually losing branches and cover . It might’ve have been difficult when the owlets began to branch in and out of the nest on the bare tree, as they got closer to fledging.
> Hopefully they found a more secluded nest to raise their family and will live happily ever after.
> We had the advantage of watching the GH Owls defend and raise two owlets for two years…and now you’ll probably get more sleep with having Ospreys in the nest.
> This is the perfect nest for Ospreys as you’ve probably seen other similar bare osprey nests around even on poles and markers in the waterways,
> For the past two years Ospreys began messing around in “The nest “ after the GH Owls cleared out. Last year the Ospreys even mated but didn’t appear to be successful.
> This year the Ospreys have pretty much taken possession of “the nest” and have been doing continuous renovating and decorating and have mated a few times…so hopefully …….
> Mary Lambright thought they had laid an egg but was hard to see since the nest is so dense and the Osprey is hunkered down. MARY REPORTED TODAY 10;36 the first look at an egg

> Don’ forget to go on the Cornell website where you can watch many other nest cams…..And then there are those weird millennium GH Owls that have chosen to nest in a long planter outside a window in Oklahoma.. that won’t keep you up at night.
> If you visit Wild Birds Unlimited you can watch the nest cam on their big screen (WBU is having a seed sale until the 31st)
> Good Birding Y’all
> Keep your garage doors closed and keep your property safe for wildlife and everyone.
> Beth

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