Date: 3/27/17 7:01 am
From: Wilkins, Vern W <vwilkins...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] King Rail
I'm not going to post location, but wanted to post to provide some information on timing of migration. I found a King Rail yesterday, extremely vocal and active. I watched the bird for at least 20 minutes, with the bird approaching as close as 6 feet while hiding in cattails. Even that close there were times I couldn't see it, or could only get brief glimpses of it's head moving. It circled around me multiple times and I had many great looks, including watching it strut around on a matted patch of cattails, and watching it run full speed into a ditch and then do a smooth glide across to the other side. I managed a brief recording with my phone and a few pictures.




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