Date: 3/27/17 5:17 am
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Subject: Re: Field Sparrows - Thanks
FOY male FISP was singing here on the southern edge of Chester County on Wednesday, 3/22. At least one Fox Sparrow is still feeding on the back deck. Red-breasted Nuthatches are still feeding on suet.

steve cottrell

London Britain Twp, Chester Co

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Subject: [PABIRDS] Field Sparrows - Thanks

Thanks to everyone from PA and WV who responded to paint a picture of where we are with Field Sparrow migration. I got a terrific, more scientific post from WV State Ornithologist Rich Bailey, too.

There appear to be spots, mainly along the eastern and western (in relation to WV and PA) flyways, where there are some singing males. What I've noticed so far this season is this:

Parkersburg, WV, and North Bend State Park area due east - FISP 1st weekend of March (Brooks Bird Club meeting time)

East-central Ohio, Senecaville Lake to Egypt Valley near Morristown - 2nd weekend of March (BBC waterfowl trip)

Western PA - March 10th-15th

By no means scientific, but these have held almost completely to form in the last 10 years for me. This year, even with lots of birding time in all these areas and more: no FISPs.

Rich Bailey discussed the downward plunge in FISP populations. I had figured on hearing them in late Feb-early March, due to the weather patterns, and with other birds coming back earlier. No dice. In fact, I just saw the first Louisiana Waterthrush mentioned in WV down at Seneca Rocks, which is a little later than normal. I'm sure the birds are having as much trouble with this topsy-turvy weather as we are having.

Anyone who wants to continue sending short emails about where their FISPs have shown up and when, cool. I'm kind of already mapping a spring scenario in my mind that might help with figuring this year's migration.

Thanks a lot!

Ryan Tomazin - Bridgeville, PA
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