Date: 3/26/17 5:00 pm
From: Steve Sanford <bwredbird...>
Subject: Lapland Longspurs - Tieline Rd (Mercer Co)It took
It took a mere four hours, but with Kim and Jim Springer joining me after about three hours solo, we finally got some good looks at the little devils, in striking breeding plumage, on Tieline Rd in the fields near the little pools on Tieline Rd north of Rt 208. There were three mails and a female. The viewpoint that finally worked for us was from near the top of the hill north of the gas well. There was a pretty clear view all the way down the corn-rows from there. Most other viewpoints have little hills that block a long view. There were about 50 Horned Larks frequently flying about the extensive fields and we could sometimes hear the Longspurs little rattles among them. I heard a few pipits in the mix. Thanks to Mark Vass for the posting.
Steve Sanford
Sharon PA
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