Date: 3/25/17 2:24 pm
From: Phil <in-bird-l...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Fox Island - Allen co. 3/24 and 3/25 AM
Having the day off of work on Friday as well as my son having the day off of school, we decided to hike Fox Island in search of new birds for the year.  We did get a couple before the winds picked up.  Our highlights for Friday......
Eastern Phoebe - 1. FOY. silent bird by the nature centerPileated Woodpecker - 2.  Possible nest site on the north side of the tree trail.Eastern Towhee - 2.  SingingBrown Creeper - 1.  My FOY, Jacob had one a week ago.Golden Crowned Kinglet - 5.  FOY.Fox Sparrow - 4.  FOY.  Some singing. Red Shouldered Hawk - 1.  By the nature center. Ron Zartman told us about a Cooper's Hawk nest off of the drive to the nature center, but it was empty when we looked.      

This morning, after looking at the weather radar, it seemed that birds were on the move  Hoping to find more FOY birds, I went back to Fox Island (without Jacob) this morning for a longer hike. My highlights.....
Winter Wren - 3. FOY. One with a half hearted song, but really good looks.  Another in full song! Chipping Sparrow - 4.  FOY.  By Bowman LakeGreat Horned Owl - 1.  Brown Creeper - 1Eastern Phoebe - 6+.  VocalPileated Woodpecker - 2.  Same area on tree trail. HmmmGolden Crowned Kinglet - 25+. Seems like everywhere I went, I was hearing/seeing themYellow-Rumped Warbler - 1. FOY.  By Bowman Lake.  
Heard an Eastern Phoebe in my neighborhood as well. 
Phil and Jacob WixomFort Wayne

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