Date: 3/25/17 1:54 pm
From: Joe Coleman <joecoleman...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Birds Observed Blue Ridge Center (northwestern Lo Co)
On this beautiful spring morning 22 people showed up for the regular (every
4th sat. except Dec.) monthly bird walk at the Blue Ridge Center for
Environmental Stewardship in northwestern Loudoun County. The first two & a
half hours were spent near the Education Center on the Farmstead Loop though
a small group did break off to take the Piney Run Spur before they met up
with us again. After we finished on the north side of the center about 8 of
us visited Arnold Rd and the Old Bridge Trail because of the dif. habitat
there and added a few new species.

The highlights of the walk included a pair of Barred Owls in an area where
we see them most springs, FOS Louisiana Waterthrushes, and for most of us,
numerous FOS Tree Swallows. Both the Tree Swallows and the Eastern Bluebirds
were in large numbers around the next boxes (there are three dif. trails
there) with pairs sitting together on a few boxes. Many of the bluebirds
were actively squabbling with each other over both boxes and mates. For the
first time in many months Fish Crows were heard at the center; apparently
they leave that area for the winter. Eastern Phoebes, Field Sparrows, and
Golden-crowned Kinglets were seen in healthy numbers with both of the former
two in song at locations where they have nested in the past. Male
Brown-headed Cowbirds chased females around. And while the only abundant
wildflower in bloom was spring beauty, it opened fully in many spots as the
morning brightened.

A number of people, Donna Quinn, Del Sargent, Bryan Henson, Allison Gallo,
and myself, assisted with the walk. Information on the Blue Ridge Center for
Environmental Stewardship can be found at
Information on the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy and its many free activities
can be found at <> .

For a complete list of the 41 species see the eBird lists below.

Joe Coleman

Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, Loudoun, Virginia, US Mar
25, 2017 7:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Protocol: Traveling

2.2 mile(s)

Comments: Regular monthly walk at BRCES; we spent most of our time on
the Farmstead Loop though a small group broke off from the main group to
also walk the Piney Run Spur.

38 species

Canada Goose 16

Great Blue Heron 1

Black Vulture 1

Turkey Vulture 4

Cooper's Hawk 1

Red-shouldered Hawk 1

Mourning Dove 2

Barred Owl 2

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 3

Downy Woodpecker 3

Hairy Woodpecker 1

Northern Flicker 2

Pileated Woodpecker 3

Eastern Phoebe 6

Blue Jay 1

American Crow 6

Fish Crow 6

Tree Swallow 10 Numerous Tree Swallows flying & visiting, in pairs,
nest boxes

Carolina Chickadee 10

Tufted Titmouse 4

White-breasted Nuthatch 4

Winter Wren 1

Carolina Wren 5

Golden-crowned Kinglet 6

Eastern Bluebird 20 Numerous pairs visiting nest boxes & males
squabbling over females

American Robin 2

Northern Mockingbird 1

Louisiana Waterthrush 2

Field Sparrow 9

Dark-eyed Junco 7

White-throated Sparrow 2

Song Sparrow 4

Eastern Towhee 1

Northern Cardinal 8

Brown-headed Cowbird 8

House Finch 1

American Goldfinch 4

House Sparrow 1

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BRCES--Arnold Lane, Loudoun, Virginia, US Mar 25, 2017 10:50 AM - 11:50 AM

Protocol: Traveling

0.75 mile(s)

Comments: After finishing on the north side about 8 of us went to Arnold
Rd to visit the dif. habitat there.

27 species

Canada Goose 2

Black Vulture 1

Turkey Vulture 1

Red-bellied Woodpecker 2

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1

Downy Woodpecker 1

Hairy Woodpecker 1

Pileated Woodpecker 1

Eastern Phoebe 3

American Crow 4

Fish Crow 2

Tree Swallow 4

Carolina Chickadee 2

Tufted Titmouse 1

White-breasted Nuthatch 2

Carolina Wren 2

Golden-crowned Kinglet 2

Eastern Bluebird 6

Northern Mockingbird 1

European Starling 1

Louisiana Waterthrush 1

Field Sparrow 2

Dark-eyed Junco 2

White-throated Sparrow 2

Song Sparrow 1

Northern Cardinal 2

Red-winged Blackbird 6

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