Date: 3/25/17 1:00 pm
From: Robert Knight <rwoodwardknight...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Re: binocular recommendations?
I'm perhaps a bit late to this parade, but after believing that our Nikon
Monarchs were never to be equaled--and they are great binocs , and great
value--a friend of Lucia's (my wife) gave us a pair of Canon 10x30 IS
binocs. The IS stands for Image Stabilizer. So you focus on the bird and
hit a button and image stabilizes. I have no idea how this works, but it
really does. I have never been in favor of anything over 8X for birding
because of too much movement--but the image stabilization really works. I
took these out and "A/B" them against my Monarchs, and they were better.
Better color separation, and they gather a bit more light--and of course
the bird is closer. We went and bought another pair for me. I see that
there is a newer version IS II, and the ones like we have are about 1/2
price on the web. The newer model is around $450. They weigh a few
ounces more than my Monarch, but I bet they are less than your Zeiss 10X40s

On Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 11:52:41 AM UTC-4, Anne Williams wrote:
> I have been using some inherited 30-year-old Zeiss 10x40s. (Dialyt 10x40 B
> T*) They are very bright and good for anything further than 16 feet away,
> but have no close focus and are on the heavy side.
> I know there have been a lot of improvements in binoculars in recent
> decades.
> Questions:
> Is it worth buying something newer?
> And how much would it cost? (I am looking to stay under $500.)
> Thanks,
> Anne

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