Date: 3/25/17 12:51 pm
From: Rodger Rang <rrang...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] SW Allen Birds, Flying Squirrel-- March 25, 2017
Having napped away significant portions of Friday morning and afternoon, only to then retire by 8PM, I unsurprisingly found myself wide awake a zero-dark-thirty this morning.  So I decided to have my breakfast and coffee at various overlooks of Eagle Marsh.  On my way there, I made a few owling stops, striking out on the birds, but ticking a lifer mammal-- a flying squirrel (Southern?), which plopped down on a nearby feeder immediately after I tried a screech-owl whistle.  Though still well before sunrise, there was enough artificial light available to give me a good look.  Cool.  Afterward, the main highlights of my Eagle Marsh vigil were a good count of 14 American Woodcock and an impromptu meeting with Josef Geisler, Eagle Marsh photographer extraordinaire, still in his pajamas!  Boy, I thought I was eager!

I then stopped briefly at home to check in with the boss, who thankfully suggested that additional bird time would be therapeutic.  But, though the fellowship and the birding potential of Stockbridge Audubon's trip to Pisgah Marsh and Tri-County FWA was incredibly tempting, I wasn't sure I could manage a whole day, so I just hit again some of the local areas.  I managed a few annuals among my list of 64 species, not too bad for a half-day in March.  Highlights only:

Serv-All Ponds:
Double-crested Cormorant- 2; Yester evening I noted my first one for the property this year, and now they've already doubled!
Great Blue Heron- 15+ on nests surrounding the eagle nest
Bald Eagle- 2 adults; one low in nest; one perched nest-high nearby
Tree Swallow- 2

Serv-All Recycling Site: A smattering of puddle ducks and coots, as well as my FOS Lesser Yellowlegs (1)

Fort Wayne Int'l Airport and Ferguson Road: Red-shouldered Hawk (1 immature) and many singing and calling Eastern Meadowlarks

Fox Island County Park:
Red-shouldered Hawk- 1 flew over lot as I exited my vehicle
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker- 1 male; my FOS; nearly a woodpecker sweep here, but missed Red-headed
Eastern Phoebe- 4
Golden-crowned Kinglet- 4 east of Nature Center
Eastern Towhee- 2
Field Sparrow- 1 singing; my FOS
Fox Sparrow- 4; three distant singers (what a song!); one at feeders
Swamp Sparrow- 1 east of Nature Center

Homestead Road puddle straight east of Branning: Green-winged Teal (110+)

Branning Road:
Bald Eagle- 1 adult perched near Arrowhead nest
Belted Kingfisher- 2
Golden-crowned Kinglet- 6
Field Sparrow- 1 singing

Little Wabash River Nature Preserve:
Brown Creeper- 1
Winter Wren- 1; my FOS
Golden-crowned Kinglet- 2
Field Sparrow- 1 singing

Rodger Rang
Fort Wayne
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