Date: 3/20/17 10:27 pm
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Subject: [STA_Birds] Merced NWR Today
I went down to Merced and drove the auto tour route this afternoon, two passes. There were still quite a few GFW and Snow/Ross's Geese around but I did not see any cranes. Along the west side there was a pair each Blue-winged Teal and Lesser Scaup. At the SE corner there was a small group of Black-bellied Plovers, one already in near-full alternate plumage. Two Burrowing Owls were in the field on the east side, just north of the corn. But the "best" birds were the Yellow-headed Blackbirds. On my first pass I saw two small groups of males, one on the west side and one at the SE corner and a small group pf females halfway along the south side. On my second pass the first group of males and the females had moved but the group at the SE corner had increased to at least 60! They were in the downed tree and reeds just west of the platform and in the reeds that surround the platform.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank
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