Date: 3/20/17 9:30 pm
From: Nathaniel Behl <behlx008...>
Subject: More evidence of spring
Hey Everyone,
I headed out to the plains lakes outside of Laramie this evening and saw
yet more new spring arrivals including lots of personal firsts for the

After getting distracted by a flock of bluebirds along the road, I headed
for Blake's Pond where the waterfowl diversity was good, though abundance
was low. I was happy to finally turn one of those pesky scaup into a
Greater and see a small flock of pelicans on the beach, but the main
highlight happened as I was getting ready to leave.

A passing Golden Eagle flushed up a flock of geese and with it, the
unmistakable trumpeting of a few Sandhills. Fortunately they didn't fly far
before landing and I followed them north to Gelattt only to discover a
flock of coots and with it, a Marsh Wren singing in front of the parking
lot. My attempt to leave was interrupted a second time by a few ravens
harassing a Bald Eagle in the distance, and a nice adult male Northern
Harrier that flew in close and nabbed a vole beside the road.

It sounds like there's lots of other good stuff moving in too, so good
birding everyone.

Nate Behl
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