Date: 3/20/17 6:58 pm
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Subject: Re: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Plumbeous vireo still at Famosa Slough
I found the B&W warbler this morning, 3-20-17, reported yesterday by Andy Rathbone at Famosa. Also seen were the plumbeous vireo and a bright Townsend's warbler - all in the tall cottonwoods just north of the parking area.

Additionally, there were were several Lincoln's sparrows, OC warblers, and numerous Audubon's warblers ( including some festive looking males.)

Eric Kallen
San Diego
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The Plumbeous Vireo continued at Famosa Slough this afternoon, in the area just north of the dirt parking lot:

That area has two small trails that each loop around a reed-filled marsh. The bird spent most of its time in the scrub where the sides of those two trails meet.

I thought I saw the Black and White warbler in the same area, too, but couldn't be sure. It's worth keeping an eye out if you're passing through.

No sign of the Tropical Kingbird either there or in the slough's north channel.

Andy Rathbone
San Diego

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