Date: 3/20/17 5:57 pm
From: Kathy Noerenberg <klnrbnut...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Sunday, Kane County & Big Marsh, Chgo - Thanks Walter!
Pam Chudzinski, Wally Potacki & I continued our quest for waterfowl with
our target birds being Pintail & Am. Black Ducks. Struck out initially on
our 2 targets when we went to some small ponds in West Chicago & to
Fermilab for the first time in years. Biggest surprise at the far southern
bay end of Lake Law was a gorgeous HORNED GREBE in breeding plumage.

As a last hail Mary in search of our target birds we went in the afternoon
to only Big Marsh in the Lake Calumet area. I want to give a HUGE thank you
to Walter Marcisz whom I had emailed some questions regarding a number of
Lake Calumet areas that Pam. Wally & I had birded one week earlier since I
had not birded the area in maybe 15 yrs. Walter was so kind to send me
detailed answers to my questions.

With this info from Walter we were able to find the peninsula/small spit of
land along Stony Island at 114th to look out onto the marsh. What a
difference this made since we were able to see many more waterfowl in the
northern end of the marsh. Pam & I were so thrilled to see our targets of 2
male PINTAILS (not good at recognizing females yet although believe saw 1)
& 4 AM. BLACK DUCKS (2 pair). Wally also spotted an EAGLE flying over the
far east end of the marsh but Pam & I missed it.

After 3 days of birding over 8 calendar days, Pam & I are thrilled that we
have now seen 19 of the 20 waterfowl likely to see this time of year
including 8/9 Marsh Ducks only needing a Wood Duck, no Scoters nor Sea
Ducks but all 8 of the Bay Ducks, all 3 Mergs & Coots.

Kathy Noerenberg
Western Springs, Cook County

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