Date: 3/20/17 5:59 pm
From: David Yee <birdmanyee...> [SJBIRDS] <SJBIRDS...>
Subject: [SJBIRDS] American Black Duck at Tracy Sewage Ponds
Dear Birders:

Yesterday, 19 March, there was an interesting duck at the Tracy sewage
ponds. I was able to follow up on it this morning and was joined by
Frances Oliver. It appears to be an American Black Duck with no signs of
Mallard in it. However, on occasion it did appear to be larger than
neighboring Mallards, which always leads one to suspect it has captive
origins. Even without this caveat, natural occurrence will be an issue
with any Black Duck in CA, so chase at your own risk.

The Tracy ponds are located at the intersection of MacArthur and Arbor.
MacArthur is an exit right off of Hwy 205. The bird most frequently hangs
out on the big north/south levee that divides the ponds, and has been most
frequently at the north end, so a distance from Arbor Rd. At these times
it's easiest to observe the bird either from the extreme ne corner of the
complex where there is a small area to stand, or to walk along the west
side of the complex on a service road along a small canal. Do not drive
onto this service road at anytime, or into the complex at any time, even if
the gates are open. Do not enter on foot into the gated complex at any
time, birders are not allowed in. One can view from outside the fenced
area easily, and birders can access the service road on the west side off
the complex. Do be aware that there is an issue with the homeless along
this service road.

Good Birding,
David Yee

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