Date: 3/20/17 4:28 pm
From: Windstream Mail <randyc11...>
Subject: Middle Creek WMA
I birded the Lancaster and Lebanon County sides today from noon to 4:15 pm
and started at the pond north of Sunnyside Road and had 5 Green-winged Teal
and 3 Cackling Geese ,at the Rt. 897 ponds and had 20 Green-winged Teal
and a Male Rusty Blackbird with only a few rusty feathers. The tour road is
open again, and at stop #3 I parked from 2 pm. to 4:15 and at 3 pm a light
phase Rough-legged Hawk female was on the Lebanon Co. side first , than was
going into Lancaster Co. . Black belly, black at both wrists, tail was dark
band on end, and white at base. Someone in a blue car was getting lots of
pictures as it flew over the fields and hovered a lot. At 3:20 pm the dove
into the field on the Lancaster Co. side and was not seen flying away.

Randy C. Miller

Lancaster County
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