Date: 3/20/17 2:35 pm
From: Jeff Gilligan <jeffgilligan10...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Western kingbird

You wrote: “white tips” on its black tail. Were the outer tail feathers entirely white? If not, did you consider Cassin’s Kingbird? Although two Western Kingbirds have previously been reported in Oregon this year, it is still early for that species. (The only two records or the state for Cassin’s Kingbird have been in fall, but they too are migratory in much of the species’ range.)

Jeff Gilligan

> On Mar 20, 2017, at 1:57 PM, Abby Haight <abhaight...> wrote:
> Watched a Western kingbird hunt for almost 10 minutes at around 9:30 this morning in the little field at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. The bird had yellow breast, gray head and olive-gray back and white tips on its black tail. It perched on teasel and in a small tree, occasionally kiting while it hunted.

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