Date: 3/20/17 9:06 am
From: Clausing, Arthur M <clausing...>
Subject: [obol] PDX Loons
I saw a Red-throated Loon at Broughton yesterday afternoon, probably the same one that was reported on the 18th by Bonnie. The loon was missing the front portion of its lower mandible. I assume this would make it harder to hold and swallow the fish it finds. It dived often but stayed under for relatively short periods of time. In my ride along the Columbia River from Troutdale to Broughton Beach, including a stop at Chinook Landing, I saw only a couple of scaups. At Broughton Beach there were about 20. I found a Common Loon close to shore about ½ mile upriver from the Sea Scout Base. I will post pictures of both loons on my Flickr site later today.
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