Date: 3/20/17 8:29 am
From: Tobias Dean <tdean10...>
Subject: Re: [cayugabirds-l] URGENT ALERT: Dodge Rd Spruce Woods may be cut down for massive Solar Farm on Dodge rd, STARTING in APRIL !!
I am not sure if the admins of this list want this subject covered here but
I can't embrace this viewpoint. Small patches of woods are constantly being
cut for residential development without the benefit of providing clean
energy. Cornell owns these woods I presume.
I don't have any more details than provided here so perhaps I don't
have the full story. We can continue to get our energy from far away which
involve fracking or coal burning and I think all birders agree these have
an enormous impact on wildlife.
Or we can learn to tolerate this kind of development.
Interestingly I just noticed some local resistance to a solar farm
proposed adjacent to a rural cemetery out Groton/Cortland way.

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 9:48 AM Nari Mistry <nbm2...> wrote:

> There is urgent need for lovers of birds and wildlife along Dodge Rd. to
> be aware of imminent developments along Dodge Rd.
> The massive industrial scale solar farm proposed in all the Cornell
> owned fields along Dodge Rd and Stevenson Rd (as well as Turkey Hill
> Rd.) is planning to start construction in a few weeks. There was a
> hearing in Dryden last Thursday at which many residents spoke out
> against the massive scale of the project which will devastate wildlife
> habitat.
> We have just learned this morning from a member of the Dryden
> Conservation Board that they are proposing to cut down the Spruce Woods
> bordering the WEST side of Dodge Rd. because they will shadow the panels
> slated to go right along the very edge of Dodge R. next to a
> (barbed-wire topped) fence!
> If you are concerned about this assault and the effect of replacing all
> the grassland in the fields with sod under the panels (and
> herbicides???), please write immediately to the Dryden Town Board and
> ATTEND THE PLANNING BOARD MEETING scheduled on THIS Thursday March 23,
> at 7pm at the Dryden Town Hall on Main Street.
> Please express your opinion that may help reduce the scale of this
> commercial operation that will devastate wildlife in this favorite
> location for viewing wildlife!
> Nari & Gin Mistry
> Ellis Hollow Rd
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