Date: 3/20/17 7:44 am
From: Andrew Reago <andrew.reago...>
Subject: Re: American Bittern at Riverlands 3/18/17
I think I might have accidentally screwed up the link, which included
photos. Let me try that again: [1]
Please let me know if you can view this.
Andy [2]

-----------------------------------------From: "Andrew Reago"
Sent: 19-Mar-2017 02:34:18 +0000
Subject: American Bittern at Riverlands 3/18/17

I'm not sure if the American Bittern I found today is the same as
the one seen over the winter, but either that one is still at
Riverlands or another has arrived. There were also hundreds of ducks
(I've never seen that many Lesser Scaup - nearly 1000), hundreds of
pelicans, an American Golden-Plover and numerous other species out in
Ellis Bay. Here's our report:
[3] [4]
Andy Reago St. Louis MO <andrew.reago...>


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