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The habitat and resultant birds below the John Day dam in Sherman County are vastly different from the slackwater habitat and dearth of birds above it in Gilliam. Perhaps if one searched the John Day River he might find Dipper, but 99,9 % of the river in Gilliam County is only accessible by boat.


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I would suggest looking in places near the Columbia River during fall or winter. I saw a dipper once at the fish ladder at the John Day Dam in Sherman County, not more than 3 miles from Gilliam County. Might be along the John Day River.

Craig Miller

Craig Miller

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As I recall from jr high Natural Hist. of Oregon class, Gilliam is one of two counties without native Douglas-fir in our state. Lars

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Just now I have a lot of family issues, not birding. I seem to have seen something about Gilliam Co Dippers on obol, if they exist. I doubt they do.
I looked for them many times, along with everything else for that county, along Rock Creek. I reported that I had heard one, and retracted it later. It was a Rock Wren flew upstream and called like a Dipper.

Roy Gerig Salem Or


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