Date: 3/20/17 6:54 am
From: Gwyn Calvetti <gwyntells...>
Subject: [wisb] Bird song stumps me
I was birding in a ridgetop area near La Crosse yesterday. From the steep
sided hill, with mixed deciduous trees and brushy stuff, I heard several
Tufted Titmice singing their "Peter Peter" songs. I also heard something
that had the same cadence, a two syllable repeat like that, repeated twice
a couple times, then repeated three times once. I could not track down the
actual bird. It must have been down off the edge of the cliff. At any
rate, instead of a musical sound, it was very raspy and harsh and the
timbre was different. I'd have called it a Tufted Titmouse with
laryngitis. I can't recall hearing this song before, but that could be the
hazard of hearing birds I haven't heard since last year.
Any ideas? I've been looking online at Titmouse variations and they all
still have a musical quality. This did not. Thanks for your ideas, it's
driving me nuts!

Gwyn Calvetti
LaCrosse county

Gwyn Calvetti
Oh, the stories I could tell you!
Contributing Author, "Telling Stories to Children," NSN
Wisconsin Humanities Council Speakers Bureau Member, 2006-10

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