Date: 3/20/17 5:56 am
From: <eric...>
Subject: Re: Woodcock no more--north to die in snow?
Excellent questions, Frank. I am curious if there is an accompanying
article somewhere given your first sentence or is this some combination
of word-of-mouth and personal observation?

It would be interesting to know whether migrant male woodcock would
bother displaying anywhere other than the sites where they intended to
attract females? Would appear to be a waste of energy to do so. Their
aerial displays require more energy and risk more exposure to predators
than simply singing from a perch. Perhaps there's a published paper out
there somewhere?

Eric Harrold

Hays, NC

On 2017-03-20 07:47, Frank Enders wrote:

> Many woodcock have died, NY to Vermont, in recent snow--some by imm Goshawk in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, some hitting tall buildings, some starving on frozen white.
> For months one to several woodcock were singing just north of Quankey Creek along Aurelian Springs Road. But, the displays stopped about two weeks ago. Makes me wonder how many of "our" woodcock are birds which breed in more northern areas. Always have wondered about "double-brooding", which might be just by males which try here and try again up there, females "stuck" here with nests. Too speculative, I guess.
> But, nobody knows what percentage of "our" woodcock, which display for the Xmas bird counts, may not be local breeders.
> Frank Enders, Halifax, NC
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