Date: 3/20/17 12:33 am
From: Melody Kehl <outdoor1...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: California Gulch, 03/19/2017
We made our first trip into the gulch this evening with wonderful success.
The Buff-collared Nightjars are back at the confluence of Warsaw Canyon and
California Gulch. We did not see or hear any Five-striped Sparrows.

With a detour into Madera. . . Elf Owl, Western Screech, Whiskered Screech,
Great Horned Owls were heard, with Whiskered and Great Horned seen.
Buff-collared was seen. Common Poorwill heard. We also saw the Airport
Burrowing Owl. . . just to add another owl

A note on the Streak-backed Oriole in Bob Rodrigues yard. . . the bird is
being seen early, then not so much the rest of the day. We arrived at 7:00
am, it had been seen twice before then, and was not seen in the next hour
that we hung around. Mexican Chickadees were found at Paradise Junction.

Today in the Catalinas in Rose Canyon. . . Greater Pewee, Red Crossbills,
Olive Warbler. . . no Buff-breasted Flycatcher was found.

Yesterday in San Rafael Valley. . . Montezuma Quail. There is water at the
Santa Cruz River crossing. .. they were in to drink around 9:00 am.

Melody's Birding

(So Many Birds, So Little Time)

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