Date: 3/19/17 10:13 pm
From: Dottie Boyles <ctboyles...>
Subject: Dottie & Doris's Grand Adventure-Part 2
First of all I'd like to thank Karen Holliday not only for the nice
write-up, but for going along with our crazy idea and doing the driving. It
was a whirlwind trip!

The adventure for Mom and I began Friday, March 17, (while Karen was at
work) with a trip to south Arkansas to visit Arkansas Historic Preservation
Program (AHPP) passport stamping stations in Crossett and El Dorado and of
course state parks in the area. State Parks included Moro Bay, where the
pine trees were dripping with singing Pine Warblers, we saw a large flock of
Chipping Sparrows with Dark-eyed Juncos mixed in; next we ate lunch at the
South Arkansas Arboretum while being serenaded by a Northern Mockingbird
doing great imitations of a Brown-headed Nuthatch. After a visit to the
Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources we headed to Logoly SP. The park was
really quiet, not a single bird singing, but we found a very special bird-er
--Devon Moon, who works at the park! After Logoly we raced to White Oak
Lake SP where the park staff was nice enough to stay a few minutes late
until we could arrive at 5:02 and buy a park patch. They were a super group
and fun to visit with. We heard more singing Pine Warblers and a Pileated
Woodpecker. Last stop of the day was to Poison Springs Battleground SP
before heading home to pack our bags for the northwest Arkansas trip on Sat.
and Sun. with Karen.

Most numerous bird of the day--Turkey Vulture. I have no idea how many we
saw altogether, but to say close to 100 would not be an exaggeration! We
never saw a Black Vulture, just TV's.

It was a fun three days. We finished the AHPP passport program by visiting
seven stamping stations, visited 12 State Parks (Devil's Den was the only
park that was also a stamping station), drove or rode just under 1,000
miles, and met a lot of nice people along the way! I have now visited 46 of
the 52 Arkansas State Parks and Mom, 42. She is catching up fast with me!

Little Rock
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