Date: 3/19/17 8:32 pm
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Subject: Purple Martins
 Every year, I seem to have the earliest and by far the largest numbers of Purple Martins in the area. At Cane Creek Park lake (Union County, NC), I had 30 last week, more mature males than females with a number of juvenile plumaged birds as well. For any Purple Martin whisperers, I have to ask why?! There are always good numbers of insects emerging and while some birds are feeding, some are perched along the very high high voltage lines, both being possible factors. There is no development along the county owned lake and it's surrounded by a mix of woods and nearby agricultural land, and maybe that's a factor as well. I wonder if there is any migration stopover fidelity, too. As I researched this, I found studies involving "scouts", but nothing to help answer the question of why so many here and as early as they are. It's a real delight to see them, but it is so odd, and I can't get the question out of my head! Any ideas or possible sources for further research will be appr
George AndrewsIndian Trail, NC
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