Date: 3/19/17 8:34 pm
From: Jay Miller <arizonajay23...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] CEAZ: Miller House of Mesa - Migrants plus NEW yardbird, 3-19.
Seeing some of our Summer birds and loosing some of our Winter birds. The male Common Ground-Dove departed 3-6. 10-23 to 3-6, 135 days/ 4 1/2 months! The House Wren is still here, since 10-26.

Even though we have local Turkey Vultures in Winter, there has been a lot passing through as noted by others. Red-tailed Hawks too. Still seeing Sharp-shinned Hawks daily. Peregrine Falcons have all but disappeared.

Other March birds;

3-2, 3-13 American Robin
3-4. FOY #59 Violet-green Swallow
3-8. FOY #60 Black-chinned Hummingbird
3-9, 3-18 FOY #61 Lucy's Warbler
3-13. FOY #62 Cliff Swallow
3-13. FOY #63 Bald Eagle, pair soaring se.
3-14. First ever #64 SNOW GOOSE, Ist year bird with three Canada Geese, 2nd in line. 6:49, right after sunrise. I heard them sw., they appeared low, 120', flying right over south, west to east, then north.
3-14. FOY #65 Hooded Oriole, male
3-17. FOY #66 Black Phoebe, finally
3-18. FOY #67 Western Kingbird

Good Birding!!

Jay Miller
Mesa, Az

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