Date: 3/19/17 8:26 pm
From: Larry Cartwright <prowarbler...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Woodcock Display at Huntley Meadows
Sasha Munters and I went to Huntley Meadows this evening to check out the
woodcock display and we were not disappointed. The Woodcock Meadow has been
burned and has expanded open space for the woodcocks to display while making
it easier for us to observe. We estimate at least 5 displaying birds. We
had wonderful views displaying both on the ground and in the air and one
female observing the display from the periphery of the field. I assume
female because the individual was not a display participant, but just sat
there while the display was going on. Sasha documented the first peent at
7:37 this evening and activity was still going on when we departed at 8:00.

Larry Cartwright

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