Date: 3/19/17 6:57 pm
From: Caryn Schutzler <bluedarner1...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Skagit Snow Geese Motherlode and a few Raptors too (No Gyr!!) / Caryn / Wedgwood
Hello birders,

Wow, what a gorgeous and amazing day at the Skagit!

Went up for lunch and hit the bakeries and a little shopping. Not a "real" birding outing (since friend is not a birder - but she indulged my need to stop anytime I spotted something), but ended up seeing several eagles, (one in the tree right outside the restaurant) 3 Northern Harriers, 2-3 RT Hawks - No Gyr! ;-( (at least I don't think so...) Also a nice flock of Tundra Swans. Didn't have my scope so couldn't zero in on some of the water fowl.

But, the road to the Snow Goose market (what is that road?) had us stop in our tracks - right off the road were at least 1000+ (maybe 2!) Snow Geese. Huge flock - a solid mass of white! Then in two other spots as we were leaving were two other huge flocks! Glad I didn't have to count!!

One lone Brewer's Blackbird. Robins, etc...

Daffs just starting - no tulips showing yet.

All in all a great day - great food, great weather with lots of Snow!!!

Caryn / Wedgwood
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