Date: 3/19/17 5:37 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Moving on from Odd Duck at Port Republic to my Homwoods E. Phobe
I am deeply touched so many expressed interested in that odd Duck at Port Republic. I have reached out to Dave B. in the past seeking his advise on picture taking questions. He was so helpful and I thank him so much. I do believe photos always do not tell the true story as to what the birder saw in live action.

Moving on now I have a question to JBird members. I have had nesting E. Phobe around the homewoods pond a few years ago. No more. They show up every spring and move on. Without scientific evidence, I blamed it on natural succession. So in the past two years, I have girdled a few pitch pines to create a more open habitat around the homewoods pond.

Within the next week or so, I am thinking about removing two of the old nest that are still inside of an old irrigation pump house. Hey, we clean out wrens and martin boxes, etc. So why not some house cleaning for E. Phobe's nesting site ?

I never thought I would go this extent to have some birds around homewoods and to provide aid to locally breeding birds. I was the one who once posted in JBirds that “ us birders one day may love our birds and trees to their death”, which resulted in one response from a NJ birder that I stop posting in JBirds.

My only interest in my experiment here is if my wacky homewoods wildlife habitat management experiment is working, that is all. Photos of E. Phobe’s old nest to be removed on my Flilckr.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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