Date: 3/19/17 5:16 pm
From: 'Dave Weber' <dwbirdster...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [SBB] Ed Levin CP and Alviso, Mar 19
Walked up to the sycamores above the dog park at Ed Levin CP this morning.
Was only able to hear some Grasshopper Sparrow songs along the trail before
the hang glider point. Up to four Rufous-crowned Sparrows were seen,
including one in the sycamores. When I got back down to the main lot near
the dog park, I saw an adult Bald Eagle flying very low over the lawn north
of Sandy Wool Lake. It eventually landed in the field west of the hang
glider parking lot. It tried to lift off with a small animal. There were too
many trees in the way to see if it was successful. It flew off to the north.
I have seen Bald Eagles high over the park before, but never this low. Over
in the Spring Valley area at the lone eucalyptus at the end of the road,
Bill Bousman and I saw a male Rufous Hummer and a male Hooded Oriole. The
oriole flew south to the palm at the house. Later in Alviso I wanted to find
the Lesser Yellowlegs reported on Ebird at Gold and Elizabeth. Only two
Greaters. A Great-tailed Grackle declared itself 'king of the telephone
pole' at that corner, squawking off any who dared land on the nearby wires.
I walked around the pump house there, something I have never done before,
and flushed a Wilson's Snipe, which I have recently learned are crepuscular

Dave Weber,


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