Date: 3/19/17 9:36 am
From: 'Rhonda (Monroe) Rothrock' <woodthrusheola8...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Fw: SBC 2017
I've forwarded a message from Tara Beveroth regarding IL Spring Bird Counts but didn't include the attachment referenced. There are several awesome southernmost IL counties in need of compilers, including Massac which includes Ft. Massac St. Park (IL's songbird welcome mat) and Mermet Lake, known for species like least bittern. I and others down here are already doing 2 counts, wish we could do three.
I'm ccing this to Tara so she knows I've forwarded it and so folks can reply to her.

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Rhonda Rothrock 
Pomona, Illinois 62975
Consider forming a team to compete in  the16th Annual Birding Blitz of Southernmost IL, April 29, 2017!16 years of outstanding spring birding in southernmost IL!!

Subject: SBC 2017  Hello Compilers! The 2017 SBC is fast approaching (May 6th), and I am trying to make sure we have compilers and volunteers for all counties.  I am attaching an excel file of county compilers. Counties highlighted in orange still need a compiler.  If you see that your name is highlighted in green can you confirm that you can compile by e-mailing me and letting me know?  You don’t need to e-mail me to confirm if your name is not highlighted, unless you cannot compile.  Counties that still need compilers are as follows:  Gallatin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Macoupin, Massac, Piatt, Whiteside, and Will.  If you know of anyone that can compile one of these counties please let me know asap.  I will be posting to some list serves soon to look for compilers.     For those that are not paperless, I am planning on getting the SBC packets out the beginning of April.  If you decide to go paperless, please let me know (see paperless column on excel file).  As always thank you for your continued support of this program.   Happy Birding J  Tara Tara BeverothAvian Researcher and Monitoring CoordinatorCritical Trends Assessment ProgramIllinois Natural History SurveyPrairie Research Institute, University of Illinois1816 S. Oak St.Champaign, IL  61820217-265-7303 

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