Date: 3/19/17 7:58 am
From: Bill Mcaneny <bmcaneny1...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] a Yard First
About 9:30 this A.M. we experienced a First for our yard. Eight Canada
Geese flew in to a patch of green grass that had been swept clear of snow by
the wind. From there, they walked down to the edge of the field. Finding
nothing better than the green grass, they walked back. There a couple of
human-type walkers on the road scared them off. We have seen a zillion
Canada Geese but never in our yard in 17 years. We are on the direct flight
path between the corn fields on Cayuga View Rd and the lake, so we see a lot
of geese overhead. Last night at dusk we were in the kitchen and heard a
great noise outside. We rushed to the window and saw a couple thousand Snow
Geese headed for the lake. A quick look this morning for a raft of geese
revealed nothing but they could have been close to the Boy Scout camp and
screened from view by the many trees.

Twenty-two species in the yard but no Fox Sparrows and no raptors.

Bill and Shirley McAneny



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