Date: 3/18/17 7:37 pm
From: Jeff Fleischer <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender raptorrunner97321 for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Linn County Gyrfalcon continues
Hi Everyone,
Earlier this week, I was in contact with Tom Crabtree from Bend about the Gyrfalcon that I originally found on February 25 SW of Halsey.  He was planning a trip to the Willamette Valley and had some time in his schedule to chase the bird.  I provided him locations of where the bird had been seen over the last two weeks.  Today, he started his search in the area immediately west of Halsey along American Dr where Deanna Emig had located the bird earlier this past week, this was the northern most location that the bird had been seen by anyone.  He did not find the bird so went south to the area where Rich Adney photographed the bird last week along Brandon Rd located about a mile east of Hwy 99 southeast of Halsey between Lake Creek Dr and Twin Buttes W Dr and immediately found the bird on a fenceline near the road.  It was a bit more skittish than when Rich photographed it  and took flight as Tom approached it in his car.  It flew SW across the field and landed on another fenceline along Twin Buttes W Dr.  He followed it to that location and was able to get some diagnostic photographs and watch it for about 20 minutes when it decided to take flight again headed south from the road.  It landed on a wooden fence post on a north/south fence line about half way between Brandon Rd and Hwy 99.  Tom watched it for another short bit of time and in true mystery bird form, when he took his eye off the scope for just a few seconds to get his camera ready for more photos, he  looked back in the scope and the bird was gone.  He was unable to determine which way it flew off that fence line.  Bottom line here is that the gyrfalcon is still in the vicinity where it has been the last couple of weeks so those of you who have not yet seen it still have some time to chase this bird down.  No guarantees that you will find it as it does have a pretty big territory that it covers but don't let that stop you from trying, it's an awesome bird to see through your scope or binocs! :)  Good luck!
Jeff FleischerAlbany
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