Date: 3/18/17 7:03 pm
From: Cathy DiSalvo <cedisalvo1...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Bald eagle nest in the burbs
Hi All
Finally able to post about the successful first time bald eagle nest on the
Mississippi River batture in Harahan, a New Orleans suburb. I don't mean
to boast, but this nest is in close viewing from my back yard...whoopee! I
have watched this pair build this nest over 2 months. Over this last 4
weeks,I have seen the adult bending over the deep nest apparently feeding a
chick. Two days ago, I could see 1 little grey furry ( alas quite ugly)
head stretch out above the rim of the nest. I am still in disbelief. The
river road runs along the levee here with a paved path on top. The
eagles nest is within 60 ft of this path with joggers, bikers, children,
and dogs passing often. Not to mention river road traffic, and entire
suburban neighborhood, and a barge cleaning business within the block. I
guess these are city eagles and don't mind the chaos. Or maybe they decided
it is a small price to pay for living on the Mississippi River.

Though not a rare bird, its proximity to accessible viewing is amazing, for
anyone who would like to view the nest. Also a great opportunity for
children. The nest is located adjacent to the river road in Harahan
between Imperial Woods Drive and West Imperial Drive, directly behind 7400
Stoneleigh Drive. There is no parking on the river road but closest side
street to nest is West Imperial. If you know where my rear driveway is,
your are welcome to park there.

If you need further direction you can email me off line.
The joys of birdwatching!!!
Cathy DiSalvo
Harahan La
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