Date: 3/18/17 6:11 pm
From: Teresa Mathews <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Blue Heron Rookery
Is across from the visitor's center at Lake Catherine State Park on the
other side of the Lake. I found out from one of the guys today about it.
Its directly across from Cabins 15 & 16 in the woods there. We been
hearing strange noises that even I couldn't Id as a bird? But one of the
rangers said there is a big rookery in there of Blue Herons. That why there
are so many that hang around the lake. Teresa , Hot Springs, AR

We Must let go of the life we planned . So to accept the one that is
waiting for us. Bad or Good Life is under the bridge flowing down the river
. Here's an instant? Gone in a moment. Just let it go. Don't hang to it.
God will do the plan not you.

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