Date: 3/18/17 6:14 pm
From: Joe Faulkner <joeinthewoods...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Woodcock, rain, dancing, yes
Was sitting in the rain on our prairie deck at 8:00 this evening, when I did, in fact, hear a woodcock "dancing", or in its mating flight. So, yes, woodcock apparently do "dance" in the rain. This is the third evening this week I've heard them, but the first time in two or three years.
Another question might be what I was doing sitting in the rain on such a miserable evening. Ask the dogs. They get very upset if they don't get to go to the prairie, regardless of the weather. So, they pester me until I go. They usually win, but I wouldn't call it a loss for me.

Joe Faulkner
Somerset, Ohio
Perry county
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