Date: 3/18/17 5:49 pm
From: Clare Nicolls <tcnicolls...>
Subject: Snowy Owl - Crawford Co.
Hi folks,

Many people visited the area to see the Snowy Owl today. But it was not seen
by them. BUT, at approximately 6 PM the Snowy Owl was spotted sitting on an
oil tank. So it was still around but not where is was easily viewed/located.

A most serious point for all: Please, please respect the wishes of the
landowners and the solitude of the owl. I had mentioned in an earlier post
that the landowners do not wish to have people trespassing on their land.
But yesterday, there were some people who walked well beyond the boundary
and wanted to flush the owl so that they could see it fly. That is how the
owl becomes stressed by people. Please stay on the roadside to look for the

If you come to see the owl on Sunday, there will be no Amish spotters. So
... Tread lightly.

Clare Nicolls

Springboro, PA

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