Date: 3/18/17 4:42 pm
From: Bob Funston <bobf...>
Subject: Long-eared Owl at last
My thanks to Bill Adams and his cousin. You've helped end a nearly sixty-eight year quest.

The first bird on my Oklahoma list was a Cardinal in Tulsa during the spring of 1949. Since then I've scoured dozens of Oklahoma Cedar groves looking for a Long-eared Owl. (Fortunately, along the way, I found one near Lake Tahoe for my ABA list.)

Today, at about 3:00 pm, I came face to face with the most beautiful owl I've ever seen. At a distance of about twenty feet we stared at each other for half an hour. The owl blinked first. Unfortunately there is no picture--unless the owl took one--my flip phone was in the car.

I'd been on site about an hour and had traversed both sides of the small wooded triangle. I was walking back north along the west side and as I got near the north point (just across the road from the intersection of E1920 and N2780) I had an owl flush from about ten feet inside the cover. Another followed. They both flew north and disappeared into the cover. At this point, the distance across the triangle is not more than twenty-five feet.

I soon found one about fifteen feet up and the staring match ensued. I never saw the other again.

Bob Funston
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