Date: 3/18/17 3:06 pm
From: <obol-bounce...>
Subject: [obol] Red-throated loon? Broughton beach yesterday
Pondering an unusual loon I saw at Broughton Beach yesterday, it was near
shore, got a look with binoculars, when raised camera into position of
course it dived, waited and watched in the rain but could not relocate it.
White speckling on the back and very noticeable upturned beak raised above
horizontal, non breeding plumage, so wondered has Red-throated Loon been
reported at Broughton Beach recently? Looking at eBird but not seeing it.
The mighty Columbia running very high, no beach, all pilings submerged,
muddy trail, hundreds of Scaup near shore.

Bonnie Comegys
Portland OR Parkrose

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