Date: 3/18/17 2:32 pm
From: Alice Horst <ahorst...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Sumter County Bald Eagle's Nest
I only saw 1 Eaglet at the nest when I checked it yesterday. Today the single bird was very active and I really thought it would be leaving the nest. It was suggested that the other Eaglet had branched and was in a nearby tree. I scoped trees near nest and could not find the other bird - hopefully all is well.

Eaglet flapped it wings for a while and then settled down and was calling for “Mom”.

Mom or Dad came out of nowhere and zipped into the nest. Had NO food and looked annoyed from the posture. Then adult left nest.

Eaglet continued to exercise wings and jump around.
Eventually settled down and I could no longer see Eaglet in nest.

Single Eaglet in nest.

Flapping, exercising wings

Adult did not look happy!

Eaglet paid no attention to parental warning and continued flapping.

Little guy night be gone tomorrow.
Every day is a GREAT day to go birding!
Alice Horst, Marion County, FL
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