Date: 3/18/17 11:03 am
From: rob thorn <robthorn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] AlumCreekLake,3-19:waterfowlSurge
Waterfowl continued their recent strong showing in central Ohio, this morning at Alum Creek Lake. The big flocks were divers, but other waterfowl showed good diversity if not numbers. I stopped at the Dam, New Galena boat ramp, Plumb Rd access, SummerRidge access, Cheshire boat ramp, and Berlin Station access, and had waterfowl flocks at every stop. Included among the hordes were:

Lesser Scaup - the dominant species, with 600+ over the morning
Greater Scaup - small #s mixed in with the Lessers, perhaps 25 in all
Redhead - declining, but still had 40+ at the Dam and a few elsewhere
Canvasback - 3 were with the scaup at Berlin Station access
Ring-necked Ducks - small group in many locations, perhaps 80+ for the morning
Bufflehead - good numbers, with small flocks at every stop, totaling probably 50 birds
Red-br.Merganser - only 1, at Berlin Station access
Hooded Mergansers - a few pair at Berlin Station
Ruddy Ducks - 6 with the scaup at Berlin Station
Mallards - small flocks in many locations
Black Ducks - 5-6 with the flock off New Galena
N.Shovelers - 2 off Berlin Station
Green-winged Teal - 6 off Berlin Station
Blue-winged Teal - 2 males were with the flock in the pond at the start of SummerRidge access
Amer.Wigeon - 2 pairs were in the pond at the start of SummerRidge access
Gadwall - small flocks in many locations, totaling 40+ birds
N.Pintail - a pair was in the bay off Berlin Station access
HornedGrebes - small #s at every stop, totaling 24
Common Loons - 2 Spring-plumaged adults, one at the Dam another at SummerRidge access

Landbirds were not as interesting, but I did have a juvie Bald Eagle at Berlin Station access and a Cooper's Hawk soaring at Plumb Rd access, as well as 2 Fox Sparrows at SummerRidge access, single Tree Sparrows at SummerRidge and Cheshire, a pipit at the Dam, and Yellow-rumped Warblers at many locations.


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