Date: 3/17/17 7:56 pm
From: Robert Mulvihill <robert.mulvihill...>
Subject: Chickadees in SW PA
Dear PABirders,

I have been following the thread about the chickadee situation in and
around Pittsburgh. As Matt Webb said, we have banded chickadees as one of
the target birds for Neighborhood Nestwatch, and we have identified
hundreds of them using a combination of in hand measurements of wing
length, tail length, and body mass, with some attention also to the amount
and distribution of white edging in the greater coverts and tertials.

Based on this, we have identified about 600 chickadees--roughly 70%
Carolina (best fit), 20 % Black-capped (best fit), and 10% undetermined
(presumed hybrid). I have mapped these at different scales, for those who
are interested:

The bar chart shows the breakdown of chickadees by latitude; Map 1 plots
all those records; Maps 2&3 zoom in toward North Park. In all of the
graphics, Carolinas are designated in blue; Black-capped in red;
hybrid/unknown in green.

Note: Neighborhood Nestwatch extends 50 mi. in all directions from
downtown Pittsburgh.

Robert S. Mulvihill
National Aviary
700 Arch Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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