Date: 3/17/17 5:05 pm
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Subject: [SBB] Santa Teresa County Park 3/17/17
Hello all,

Today, 3/17/17, I visited Santa Teresa County Park, where I found that spring migration was well underway. At the start of the Ohlone Trail, by Bernal Rd, at 11:30 there were at least three singing HOUSE WRENS, as well as TREE and VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS overhead. There were two RING-NECKED DUCKS and 12 COOTS on the pond on Coyote-Alamitos Canal. Two each of RED-SHOULDERED and COOPER'S HAWKS were present here as well. A Selasphorus hummingbird zoomed by before I could get an ID.

As I walked up to the Pueblo Group Area on Bernal Rd, I heard and saw three BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS and two HUTTON'S VIREOS. At the beginning of the Coyote Peak Trail, I saw one ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER and heard another House Wren. By the volleyball court, I was surprised to find a single CHIPPING SPARROW, in breeding plumage. As I was about to leave, a WESTERN KINGBIRD flew overhead, landing in a tree by the rock outcrop near the restrooms - an early arrival.

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Good birding,
Sergey Pavlov

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